Surgical Demolition

Tallahassee-Demolition-ServicesAll-American Demolition is a surgical demolition contracting company, (sometimes categorized as SELECTIVE demolition).

“Surgical demolition” is how we operate: it is the tearing down and elimination of obsolete buildings, breakage, and machinery, even while additional project work goes on around us, without damage to the existing area. Our crew has extensive skill and training in this type of demolitions; because we know that the safety and protection of your people and property is important to you—so it is important to us!

And even though these types of jobs require more training and safety concerns: at All American Demolition, we have the experience and the expertise to get your job done right, right when you need it done.

Our Surgical demolition services include:

      • Analysis and Preparation of entire area for demolition
      • Detail study of buildings, materials, and project particulars going on around area
      • Scheduling and coordination with Client, Contractors and other Personnel in affected area
      • Extensive Clean-Up of area before, during and after demolition.

We follow the highest compliance guidelines for the safety of on-site Personnel and for a wide array of environmental concerns.

Featured Projects

Walgreens, Northeast Tallahassee

The Walgreen’s in NE Tallahassee (off Thomasville Road) was a complete interior demo and renovation project. Flooring, ceiling, removal of coolers, upgrade to all bathroom facilities and fixtures; replacing all old fixtures with latest high-tech installations.

National Guard Armory, Tallahassee, FL

At the Fleet Maintenance Services Building here, AAD was charged with another complete renovation and remodeling, in order to bring the building up to ADA code.

Tallahassee interior renovation and remodeling job

Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts

During this extensive interior renovation and remodeling job, we completely gutted the vast majority of this building space. This was made all the more difficult as the space itself is incorporated WITHIN the historic Doak Campbell (now Bobby Bowden) Stadium.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Patient Entry Upgrade

This was a complete upgrade and renovation to the patient entry area, including restructuring of the parking deck and vestibule, removal of the ticket booth area, overhaul and resurfacing of the entire store front.