Structural Renovation

Tallahassee Structural RenovationThe resources you need for site preparation and demolition

All-American Demolition has all the resources you need for site preparation and demolition.

Our planning during the pre-demolition phase will cover both the demolition and the appropriate handling of all materials after the fact.

Tallahassee interior renovation and remodeling jobMore than just demolitions

But at AAD, we are about more than just demolitions…a LOT more! We offer both interior and exterior retrofits/renovations for any project, commercial or residential. From ceiling to cellar, and wall to wall, we can do it all! Whether your commercial renovations involve retail space, office buildings, hospitality or hospital, school, church or industrial space, you can count on All-American to be there every step of the way.

“Down to Earth” isn’t just our slogan…

Using our inventory of equipment we can perform demolition and renovation services on nearly any project you may have, and we will do so with a minimal impact on the environment. Down to Earth isn’t just our slogan—it’s the only way we do business!

Featured Projects

Walgreens, Northeast Tallahassee

The Walgreen’s in NE Tallahassee (off Thomasville Road) was a complete interior demo and renovation project. Flooring, ceiling, removal of coolers, upgrade to all bathroom facilities and fixtures; replacing all old fixtures with latest high-tech installations.

National Guard Armory, Tallahassee, FL

At the Fleet Maintenance Services Building here, AAD was charged with another complete renovation and remodeling, in order to bring the building up to ADA code.

Tallahassee interior renovation and remodeling job

Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts

During this extensive interior renovation and remodeling job, we completely gutted the vast majority of this building space. This was made all the more difficult as the space itself is incorporated WITHIN the historic Doak Campbell (now Bobby Bowden) Stadium.

Tallahassee Structural Renovation

National Guard Armory, Quincy, FL

At the National Guard Armory in Quincy, All American Demolitions was tasked with doing a complete renovation, in order to bring this depot up to the newly-defined ADA guidelines for such facilities.