Driveway Removal and Renovation

From small paving needs to the biggest commercial projects

At AAD, we also offer complete driveway renovation and renovation services. Whether pouring new concrete, putting down new asphalt driveways, or resurfacing the existing drive, we can handle any project from small paving needs to the biggest commercial projects.

On Budget and On Schedule

Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and we are happy to get together with you, go over your project, address all your concerns and help you put together a budget AND a schedule that will meet all of your needs! From project design, through maintenance and clean up, let All-American Demolition help you finish your driveway YOUR way!

Featured Projects

Tallahassee interior renovation and remodeling job

Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts

During this extensive interior renovation and remodeling job, we completely gutted the vast majority of this building space. This was made all the more difficult as the space itself is incorporated WITHIN the historic Doak Campbell (now Bobby Bowden) Stadium.

National Guard Armory, Tallahassee, FL

At the Fleet Maintenance Services Building here, AAD was charged with another complete renovation and remodeling, in order to bring the building up to ADA code.

Tallahassee Structural Renovation

National Guard Armory, Quincy, FL

At the National Guard Armory in Quincy, All American Demolitions was tasked with doing a complete renovation, in order to bring this depot up to the newly-defined ADA guidelines for such facilities.

Walgreens, Northeast Tallahassee

The Walgreen’s in NE Tallahassee (off Thomasville Road) was a complete interior demo and renovation project. Flooring, ceiling, removal of coolers, upgrade to all bathroom facilities and fixtures; replacing all old fixtures with latest high-tech installations.