Our Services

Complete Flooring Removal

All-American Demolition is a complete Flooring Removal Service, from conception to clean-up. We can take it all away: Hardwood, Concrete, Ceramics, Stone, VCT, Carpet, Laminates, Sub-Floors, Underlayments and any combination in between. Our skilled and compassionate crew will be there for you every step of the way.

Concrete Saw Cutting & Core Drilling Work

All-American Demolitions can offer you a wide range of concrete cutting and core drilling services, for any project from commercial sites to industrial shut-downs, and so much more. We use the best tools, the best training and the best people to help you complete any project: big or small, commercial or residential.

Driveway Removal and Renovation

At AAD, we also offer complete driveway renovation and renovation services. Whether pouring new concrete, putting down new asphalt driveways, or resurfacing the existing drive, we can handle any project from small paving needs to the biggest commercial projects.

Tallahassee Structural Renovation

Structural Renovation

All-American Demolition has all the resources you need for site preparation and demolition. Depending upon the use of the former area, prep work can involve Hazardous Materials removal, storage tank removal, Decontamination, Land/Site clearing, and other projects. Our planning during the pre-demolition phase will cover both the demolition and the appropriate handling of all materials after the fact.

Surgical Demolition

All-American Demolition is a surgical demolition contracting company, (sometimes categorized as SELECTIVE demolition).
“Surgical demolition” is how we operate: it is the tearing down and elimination of obsolete buildings, breakage, and machinery, even while additional project work goes on around us, without damage to the existing area.